On yer Bike

Bikes and Holland go together like England and it’s litter strewn streets.
Maybe I should get a bike. Or maybe not.
The nearest we have to a flat road around these parts is the rolling road in Gordon’s Tyres.

Sheffield Council bless ’em, the useless gits, have laid a few cycle paths in the city, most are just a few metres long. It’s merely a token gesture to placate the cycling lobby, not to mention a waste of council resources and a cynical attempt at catching a few cheap votes in the local elections. There’s one such stretch near the Hallamshire Hospital that is a massive 3 metres long.

What were the planners thinking? Do they really think cyclists are going to veer off the busy road onto a 3 metre long stretch just because there is a 3 metre high sign which reads “Cycling lane”, then after 3 metres get off their bikes because of the pedestrian crossing immediately after it? Are they nuts? Well, I’ll answer that, yes they are nuts, bloody fruitcake nuts.

Apparently there is a £30 fine (£60 in London), for riding on the pavement. That’s cheaper than a weekday return from most Sheffield suburbs. Given the terrible state of the roads and the added danger from riding on them, coupled with the fact hardly anyone uses pavements in rural areas, I don’t see any reason why pavements shouldn’t be shared.

Here are some images from a country that plans it’s transport network for the cyclists, motorists and pedestrians and not for shops, business and convenience.












    • When the Highways Agency plan a road in the Uk, its normally 2 cars widths and a metre either side for pedestrians. Also with 90° corners. Yet to see a car that can turn right angles.


  1. In my archives, I have pictures of Dutch high rise bike parking lots. The Dutch have always bee great at encouraging the use of a variety of styles of bikes. That’s the up side. The down side is the well honed thieving skills and re-sale of ill-gotten wheels. Chains are not enough. I have been offered ‘hot’ property in Holland. It is obvious what the proposed sale is. There is a vibrant secondary market in bicycle security goods.


  2. Yes, indeed. They’ve just got a double decker bike park in Deventer. The one in Amsterdam is 3 stories and is huge. Every year the council trawl the canals in A’dam and extract hundreds of bikes. I have been offered hash many times by a men of African descent on bikes, one had another bike in tow and was trying to flog that as well. We also saw one “vendor” chased into the canal by someone who took exception. The Politie rescued him, because nobody else would. My step-son has had 3 stolen in 2 years, 2 from his own shed. That’s him on the “A night out in Deventer” photo with his back to me.


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