Beside the Sea

I’m unsure whether to continue this blog, there’s a lot of spamming and advertising going on.

However in the meantime, 3 weeks ago in the days before rain, we went to Yorkshire’s wonderful coast to North Landing, just round the corner from Flamborough Head. We had a coffee and a wicked slice of coffee cake in the cliff top cafe, made by a very friendly lady, who quite rightly said she had one of the best views from any cafe anywhere in the world. I suppose there are several cafes in Bali, Nepal, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Germany and almost every country in the world with equally exceptional views. I did say “one of“.

I like to be there when there is a raging sea but the North Sea on the day we went, was quite benign. I took Astrid there because there is nothing like it anywhere on the northern coast of Europe any further north than Cherbourg, especially not on the Dutch coast. Pottering about from rock pool to rock pool, she was in her element. It was reminiscent of the time we went to Ireland and spent an evening at Bun na Thiarin picking Connemara marble pebbles from the rocky shoreline, just up from Louisburg. We found crabs under rocks & sea anenomes. Then the tide slowly came in and we flowed up the shingle slowly ahead of it.

The sciatica has completely gone, what a nightmare that was. I’ve had a bit of pain in the past, broken things, post op pains, pulled muscles, back pain and even a ruptured deltoid but there was always a sweet spot where I could lie or sit relatively pain free, but not with this.

I’m still unemployed, getting pretty bored now but I’ve built a website for a local coach company HERE and today a double glazing company has asked if I’d consider making them one as well. I had a lot of fun making the coach website. I got right into it, knowing the hotels intimately after having research them, obtain images and data, checking for errors prior to uploading. Having searched for 40 or so hotel webpages, it gives you a really good idea of what to do and more importantly what not to do on a website. Some are bloody awful. The webpage is aimed at a specific age group so I’ve had to tailor it accordingly.

I hope you enjoy the images. The close up of the cave is quite impressive even if I say it myself. I went inside it when I was a kid and the tide was very low. The flower is described as a weed, it’s called celandine and was growing on the slopes of the cliffs. It’s quite aggressive and will quite easily take over your garden unchecked but the little 8 petalled flowers are quite pretty. There were also primroses but the photos weren’t good enough to publish.









  1. I love reading your descriptive, picturesque blog about your trip to the seaside! And I find your photos awesome, especially those big, stunning magnificent cliffs! I also love the sea, the vastness and simplicity of it!

    Let of me relate to you, my friend, a brief episode of our day out to Millport by ferry. Our general purpose in going to Millport was just for a day out there. My own, additional purpose was to enjoy the vastness and simplicity of the Clydeside Estuary and the distant hills, as well as to enjoy the ferry itself. What a ferry! It was quite massive, and made of solid steel! This steel hull was protecting our ship from the waters around it, keeping us all safe and sound. I felt like an ant compared with this massive ferry. Yet all this huge amount of steel is simple chemistry compared with the infinite complexity our tiny biochemistry. I am always amazed at the contrast between quantity and quality. One can have the gigantic Earth with its relatively simple geochemistry of its rocks, the Earth as our essential home, compared with the infinitely complex cell biology of a single, tiny cell, any cell, in our bodies. It is just amazing!


    • I’ve been to Largs but have to admit, I’d never heard of Millport. I knew Hunterston as a steel terminal though. I’ve experienced many types of ferry; the St Columba from Holyhead to Dun Laoghaire was a monster then there was the HSS from Harwich to Hoek van Holland in 3 hours 30 mins. My and the wife enjoy the ferry crossings as part of the holiday. Thanks for your reply.


  2. Mick,

    Don’t you dare to quit blogging befor I do! You have such a unique way of presenting your travel-stories and your oppinions that would loose a lot of its charme if you stop being present.

    Nice pictures today. It makes me want to travel to the UK and visit this place.



    • Thanks. I like posting photos from where I’ve been. I built a webpage ages ago and since having to ditch Windows and install a Linux system, haven’t updated it because I can’t use Dreamweaver anymore. It’s a work in progress. Have a look but I’m going to move it to a WordPress platform soon once I’ve cracked how to use image mapping in the images I post on WordPress. Have a look


    • Unfortunately, I have a rabid hatred of Google, Windows, Apple and now Abobe for introducing the per per use Photoshop idea. Hate ’em all.
      I’ll stick with Twitter and alternate between a WP blog and here.
      Thanks for saying you’d miss. The sweary cat stays but she tweets more these days, less to talk about but when “she” does it’s short and to the point.


    • My niece is round your way, now on South Island somewhere near Queenstown. She’s a big Leicester Tigers RU fan but she’s just jobbing her way around NZ until she gets bored or runs out of money. I tried Blogger but it’s not flexible enough to allow any creativity.


  3. The websites sound like a good proposition, as and when the requests come your way.

    You’re right about the spamming and advertising levels on BCUK. I’ve posted more about that on this site in recent times, than anything else that might cross my mind or my path.

    I am so glad your sciatica is under control, it is a horrid experience.

    Coastal scenes can vary so much, not just the light at particular times of day, or the affects the sky at any given point, the geological structures and erosion very much play their parts.


    • Thanks.
      The sciatica has gone, then gained a few pounds since I couldn’t exercise but I went for a 4 mile walk a few days ago and felt good again. The spamming is bad because unlike WordPress I can’t even install a spam blocker as it’s all controlled or not as the case may be, by someone in Germany.


  4. Hang in here a little longer Mick! Your fabulous posts are worth reading….Great stuff! Oft bring back memories for me….AND so magnificently illustrated by stunning images/pictures…..Keep Goin Matey! 😉 Hope you get some more ‘work’ soon! Great! 🙂


  5. Now that would be nice. I like writing and I’m quite articulate. The best compliment I received was from a friend who said my descriptions of places, events and people were almost as good as a picture.
    I’d love to write for a magazine. I’d have to moderate my extreme views on how to execute Cameron & Osborne, perhaps just jail them instead.


  6. I feel your pain – BCUK are terrible at clearing spam, and resolving snags (when I post a blog it says “post deleted or friends only” which it isn’t, I have to edit, resale and republish every time).

    Vivid bright photos. I live by the North Sea on the bump that sticks in, it can rage, wouldn’t want to go paddling though, lol.

    Hope you stay we need entertaining, well constructed bloggers 🙂


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