Le Tour de Yorkshire

“I’m not bothered about it anymore now it’s left Yorkshire” said my Mum, laughing and joking about Le Tour de France a week after her full hip replacement. A few hours later she was screaming in pain, she never ever cries, she’s a tough old lass but this floored her. A bruise had toughened up behind her hip and settled between three muscles that join the pelvis to the hip and the sciatic nerve. It hurt me to see my Mum crying. I’ve seen her at her Mum and Dad’s funerals but she only wept, this time she cried unashamedly of pain. I’m here at their house tonight, an overnighter making sure everything is okay, toilet, getting in and out of bed etc, doing all the things a man can do and leaving the lady things to her unless she specifically asks otherwise.

The NHS have been brilliant, several people have been out to make life more comfortable. Two nights ago she was rushed in via the emergency services to see if the pain was from a possible problem with the hip joint but thankful it seems to be muscle spasm/sciatic pressure. She has just 5 minutes since got herself out of bed and been to “see a man about a dog” as my Grandad used to say, so things are improving eh!

Le Tour came to Yorkshire. They should have left the east end of Sheffield out altogether, what were they thinking? Yes Cote de Jenkin Road is very steep, but it was a stupid misnomer and not the prettiest place in the city by any means. It painted a dull picture of the city, a fault I level squarely at the parochial little councillors who for some obscure and misguided reason wanted the finish to be in the old industrial heartland of the city. Most of it has gone or is under piles of rubble, soon to be replaced by a huge IKEA store but at present looks like a bombsite.

We had a drive down Holme Moss two days before Le Tour was due to cycle up. In the old days you could smell the hot Ferodo lining on your brakes pads/shoes as you approached to bottom of the hill. As we drove down, two brave old lads from Gloucester CC were tackling it themselves to see how tough it was going to be for the professionals, and it was tough. I wound the window down and said to this old lad, “A bit steeper than you think these Yorkshire hills aren’t they?” to which he gasped “I’d say so”.
This artistic masterpiece was created on the Holme Valley hillside and when we saw it from above by helicopter it looks really impressive but from the car looked like a load of old white chittling some workmen had left on a field.
The last photo is from a shop just down from Ashley Jackson’s art studio in Holmfirth where a few women had a bit of fun using up old balls of wool to make miniature cycling shirts.



  1. Hope yo ur Mum gets better Mick. Armstrong has dirtied the Tour so much that many people can’t be bothered with it. Can you believe that things are clean now? The NRL down in Aussie, which affects NZ so much, because of the Warriors team and the over 100 plus Kiwi players playing in the competition, gets so many problems – now its illegal betting.


    • I reckon it’s clean now. Mind you, David Cameron was in Tory controlled Harrogate for the finish so there’s bound to be some sort of corruption or evil side issue.


  2. Keeping Fingers Crossed that your mum will be OK! Bit of a worry, for you, I’m sure.
    :yes: Yorkshire really did us proud for the Tour….Delightful images on ‘The Box’. Thanks for these Mick! 😉


  3. All the best to your mum. Hope she’s up and around soon.

    I’ve killed a few clutches on Yorkshire hills, but in particular in Sheffield itself where, there are some almost perpendicular climbs.


    • I used to fly down one of the hills in the Le Tour regularly on my bike and push it back up. There are many hills in Sheffield with hand rails, several roads in our village have handrails. Mind you, it’s getting easier in the winter round our way these days, we just jump from one pothole to the next to avoid sliding down the hill. Like WW1 No Man’s Land on a slope I suppose…


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