The Little Don

Nearby to us is a little river called the Little Don or locally the river Porter. It flows from a reservoir and joins the real river Don about 2 miles later. Most of it is covered and has historically run under the British Steel, Corus and now Tata steelworks for 50 years or more. Which is a pity. It is a clean little river now and it is an offence punishable by hundreds of thousands of pounds of fines for throwing their effluent in it.

The land on the right bank is being redeveloped to make way for a Tesco (yes, yet another one) and some more shops, infact a whole new centre to the town adjacent to our village. It’s not before time, it’s old, tired, depressing and needs a makeover like none before. However a fair few of the older folk don’t want it, like they don’t want new carpets or curtains or new anything in their homes. “What’s wrong with what we’ve got” they ask. My answer is “The town is dying, everything is dropping to pieces”.
Older folk resist change, my parents stick to what they know best and rarely change anything.

The river however, has to stay and I’m led to understand a longer stretch is to be uncovered when the development gets under way. It has fish in it. I saw several rings where fish topped. I think they are small brown trout.


Talking of replacing things, we went to have a look at Maplins for a 1tb external hard drive, found one, popped into SCS Sofas and ended up with a new 3 seat and 2 seat leather suite. We once went to take some cat food to the cat shelter and came back with a cat, twice that happened. £1500 later……! Well, given the crap interest rates, which do bugger all to stimulate growth in this decrepit and corrupt country of ours, we might as well spend everything we’ve got before the bastard Tories take it all from us.

Now the fun begins to try to flog the suite we’ve got in three weeks. EBay, Gumtree, local papers, cards up in Lidl & Co-op and if nobody buys it, Emmaus will get it for free, they house kids who have just been released from care because their parents have abused them, neglected them, been in prison or drug/alcohol rehab or even when their parents have died and nobody in the family wants them or thrown them out.

Yes, this happens in little old third world Tory Britain, where paedophilia is rife, rape is just one of those things and the Prime minister lies almost every day and half the country are gullible enough to believe him. These kids never had proper parents but these are proper kids who need a start in life so it is a really good cause.

Our current suite is only a year old but it was cheap and unfortunately we don’t like it. It would be nice to get some money for it but it’s not the end of the world. This is what the new one will look like.




  1. :yes: Change does not come easy as we get older….;) However, the old order changes etc…etc. Your village certainly seems to need revival….;)
    We also revert to a Charity to take our used stuff….Goes to a good Cause!


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