Tha can nallox

Oreight, ‘ahve just abaht ad enough wi this blog.
Ah tunned it on ‘t other day an ah could hear this ere music then some bloke talkin’.
Ahm then thinkin’, weers this racket comin’ from?
So ah flipped abaht from one program to ‘t next ’til ah worked aht it wer bloody talking away ter itself.
Nah, ah dunt like this.
En, I ent payin’ fer a blog that does nowt ter tackle spammers an other waste ‘o space merchants.
So, I’ll be windin’ dahn ageeann ah reckon.
They’re just not reyt discrete wi’ ‘t adverts are thi?
Ahm not laikin abaht either. I’m banna oppen ‘t other ‘un appen even though nobdy ivver meks comments baht Dina.

Ah’ll gi it another week, appen.



    • Can’t get on with Blogger and have a built in aversion almost anything Google put out, which basically means everything now I’ve ditched windows. So I’m pretty well knackered now eh? :))


  1. Mmmm….Sorry about that, Mick. Not sure how blogging will ‘pan out’ for me…
    Wish you well…might pop in at your ‘blog’ at some time.
    Will you be ‘leaving here completely’? Will miss you…. Cheers Matey!


    • I’ve turned my stockcar website into a blog of sorts for perusal by stockcar mates and adversaries. I’ll hang around here a bit though because I enjoy the banter & observations of you guys. And I’ve been on that long, you’re like “family” haha


  2. If I could find a great platform with the same community spirit I would definitely go elsewhere but I haven’t as yet. I do have one on wordpress but was very disappointed with the ‘community’ there. Mind you, that said, I haven’t actually written a post for a very long time.
    Keep thinking about coming back though. I went pro so don’t get the adverts but then I pay not to.


    • It’s 6 of one etc. Some won’t pay and put up with adverts &jingles, but I’ve paid for my webspace and don’t want to get into too many subscriptions. It’s getting harder to track now I’m making websites for others.


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