Time is Money

I’ve just popped back to have a look around the old place.
I hope everyone is okay.
I have some good news, good for me anyway, I have a job.
I am now a Media Sales Advisor for a small local newspaper.
I’m kinda enjoying it but learning new tricks amongst people who already understand the terminology and system is hard work. Trying to find new customers from zero is even harder. That is my job apparently, to drum up some new trade. And to provide cover on Thursdays.
It’s paid, it’s warm, it’s 1km from home and it will make our lives a little more secure, should the boiler pack in or car need repairing or I want to go to watch stockcar racing. Or maybe a new bathroom suite or a car.

Anyway, life has just turned round for the better. Now all we need is for those evil Tories, abetted by those cowardly LibDems and supported by the racist & immature UKIP morons to be swept from the face of the planet and everything will be just fine.




    • If I thought green could form a government I would. I’ll be voting as red as I can. Basically anything not blue, purple or yellow unless it’s the Pirate Party.


  1. There’s a lot you say that is hard for anyone to argue with Mick, if they do, well…

    Glad you have something to occupy those other skills of yours. I bet you are all sweetness and light with honeyed tones when you get going on the sales pitch! šŸ™‚


    • I’m in the process of selling space to a fashion designer who runs a shop called Sassy. I have cleaned up my diction. I have a very similar sound and dialect to Sean Bean, or so I have been told. I have heard myself on my voice recorder and it is true.


  2. Thanks. I’ve never seen a job as enjoyable, just a way of making money, the better you are at it though, the safer it becomes when times are tough. The idea is, to reach a stage where Astrid can pack in and stay at home.


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