Long time no see.
I’ve been busy, really busy and really neglected this blog badly. For that I’m sorry.
I’ve been busy making two websites, one for a coach tour operator and a second one for a double glazing, doors, windows and whatnot company. For what it’s worth here they are.

And, after a 5 year sabbatical I finally have a job. I am a media sales advisor, or just a plain old salesman, working for a local newspaper selling adverts to companies who understand the concept of advertising and how it projects their business and leads to orders, work and pays the bills. Trying to explain that and making it stick is like plaiting water.

In mid November we went to Holland. We had a day in Deventer, then took the train to Berlin for two nights, back to Deventer for a night out with the boys, the next day we had a family gathering with 20 odd of us. The next day we drove to Almere to see a cousin of Astrid’s then later that day drove to Rotterdam to stay at a friends flat, who in the meantime was here in Sheffield staying at our house looking after our house and the cat. We hardly had time to drag our baggage up the lift before we “sat navved” up to Zoetermeer for a meal with some relatives then sat navved back to our base in Rotterdam near the Feyenoord stadium for a couple of nights.

More about Berlin later, much more actually! I intend to hang about here a while. I’ve just joined Ello and at first glance, it looks like Diaspora. What’s he on about they ask?

Right, here we go, this is the new Rotterdam markthal. It looks impressive and you know what, it is.
It is hugely impressive. The glass ends are spectacular, there are flats along the sides and in the roof. The artwork inside is so colourful and vibrant. The shops are like most shops I’ve seen in Holland, neat, tidy, clean and well stocked.




It all looks good, it is nice to shop in, to eat in, to have a gander at some goods we’ve never even seen before and wander around. However, it is employment for many poorly paid market traders and shop assistants. Like most market traders they are up at the crack of dawn in all weathers, travelling on the excellent public transport Rotterdam offers and setting up their stall ready for the doors to open. It is just a market stall when all the spectacular grandeur is stripped away.
Rotterdam is one hell of a modern city. I would recommend it above any city I’ve been to in Holland, including Amsterdam and Eindhoven. The tram system is brilliant. Feyenoord isn’t one of the more affluent areas of Rotterdam but is is a great place to live. I will put up more photos of Rotterdam soon.

Now Berlin, I have a great story to tell not to mention some evocative photos of the old east Berlin, all of which have their own story to tell, but I can will put my own slant of them with a small history lesson.
Almost every building in east and north east Berlin has a story, a reason to be left standing, in stark contrast to the modernisation in west Berlin.
It is a fascinating place and makes London look like a dumpit site in comparison.



  1. Wow! What a busy chap….so pleased life seems to have become more ‘settled’ – jobwise, at least. 😉
    Interesting post as always….and…
    I like…especially, the Markthal in Rotterdam! Wow!
    Look forward to your Berlin ‘reports’….
    Have a Fab 2015…… :wave:


    • Thanks, you too. I’ll “wow” you with some more images. I now have a bit more time on my hands, still got two websites to maintain and a job but my mind is whole lot clearer.


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