Still Rotterdam

Yes, I’m still on my Rotterdam memory jerk.


This is the view from our apartment or should I say Henny’s apartment. The trams travelled on rails which were behind neatly trimmed hedges with mowed grass between the rails. They could do this in Manchester or Sheffield but gravel was the solution.


An array of fruit in the Rotterdam markthal, some of which we had never seen before. I had seen some nice looking fruit in the Australian shops but I’d never seen pineapple strawberries (ananas ardbeien) or raspberry strawberries (framboos ardbeien) before but I saw them here. They were a bit costly though.



As the shops closed, the streets became less populated. The xmas trimmings looked lonely.


I loved the gold effect. This shopping thoroughfare called Beursplein goes under Coolsingel and emerges at the other side into cafe and shopping areas. We didn’t have enough time top explore even a tiny part of the city but the bits we saw made us want to go back.


Of course, no trip to Holland would be complete without a meal in Hema for boerenkool, which they had run out of so we had zuurkool instead. Hemaworst is widely acknowledged as the best in Holland. Well by me it is anyway.



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