More Berlin

The typical flats each with it’s own small verandah hanging off the side, the continuous identical flats that stretch for half a kilometer, the über wide boulevards, the tram tracks down the middle of the road, the UBahn and SBahn stations dotted around, haphazardly parked cars everywhere, the colourful graffiti and the overgrown common lands which were once places where people would meet, talk, play.
All Berlin.

This is the holocaust memorial adjacent to Unter den Linden.

This is probably one of the most evocative murals ever painted on the Berlin wall. All these images are touched up and protected by the city council.

This was a pretty litte street just off Prenzlauer Allee



  1. Great pics Mick. Prenzlauer Berg is quite a trendy area these days
    . Berlin is a great city. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if Hitler’s plans to rebuild it and call it Germania had come to fruition.


    • Yes Prenzlauer Berg is what you say. It still has loads of graffiti all over the show amongst the newly renovated flats but it’s still got that lived in feeling, that warmth in city centres that only large cities can emit.


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