Moving Out

7 Euros? Oh, it should read 7 cents. That is how much we’ll have left after we’ve completed our move from Yorkshire to Holland.
I’ve had enough of England.
Life is short, it gets shorter the older you get and as my Grandad said to me, “It’s no good at my age saying I wish I’d done this, I wish I’d done that, but I wish I had”.
It might take a couple of years to sort things out, infact to make the final decision. Leaving my Mum & Dad would be really hard, we’d only be 8 hours away; Rotterdam to Dunkirk, Dunkirk to Dover, Dover to Sheffield.

All this bullshit about the UK leaving the EU is all about people wanting control over other people’s lives. When we joined, the poor people paid 50% more for everything immediately but we survived. If we leave we’ll pay for it with a couple of million jobs, businesses withdrawing to Europe, there will be higher prices in the shops and only the poor people will pay for it again. You’ll survive again. Without me.

I sometimes think British people think Europe is merely somewhere to go for a holiday, then moan about the cost of everything when they get back to their semi detached houses.

When I go to Holland, Belgium or Germany, I drive on good roads, through clean villages, towns and more importantly cities. Europeans have much more pride in where they live than English people. I’ve never seen fly tipping and yet, they have to pay to use their council tips, euros per kilo. We get ours free yet some filthy, lazy people cannot be bothered to use the free facilities, instead just dump their rubbish at the side of a road, invariably in a quiet place like a quiet country lane. Ireland, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are also cleaner than England.

It’s becoming the dirty country of the northern hemisphere. We only need to look at Detroit and Chicago on Google Street maps to see what England will look like soon. It will not improve either. It’s a kind of disease borne through under-education and apathetical governments whose main agenda is spending money on business and not the country in general.

The government of England makes laws that give authority more power to penalise people and not to help them, whether it be better local services or education or infrastructure. All three of which are dropping to pieces. The NHS is being sold off to the highest American backed bidders and Richard Branson and British people will pay National Insurance AND private health insurance.

In Holland I’ll just be paying the one. I’ve paid enough for a full pension. If I lived in the UK and worked, even though I qualify for full old age pension, I’d still have to pay National Insurance even though I wouldn’t get any more pension, so I’d be paying it with nothing in return. What is the point of that?
Bed time.


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