Need to move on

cropped-cropped-header3.jpgI am moving on again. Well, first from to my WordPress blog called 7Euros then hopefully, in between 2 and 3 years, from England to Holland. We think we can afford it, a lot depends on how much our house here in north Sheffield sells for.

Feel free to bookmark my blog and make a comment if you want.

You can follow the twists and turns in my life up to when we finally sever our cord with England.
Hopefully the nutjobs in power in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, China, ISIS and Tory Britain won’t have started WW3 by then and all will be peaceful and every one will be happy.
If there is power, if there is internet, if there is freedom of social networking still available and there hasn’t been a war instigated by the power brokers and the rich classes, have a decko at my blog and see what I had to say and see how much came true.

7Euros link



  1. Will miss you Mick….Understand your need to move on…Wishing good luck and all that is good…sans WW3..:roll:
    Will have to look up your blog on WordPress…. No link given here.
    May all go well for you!
    Thanks for your valued friendship…

    Cheers! :wave:


  2. How would you describe Wilders and the current antics he is engaged in?

    Hope you smoothly realize your dreams. When it’s time to have a go, you gotta do it. All the best.

    I’ll see if there’s a link attached to your seven euros


    • Link now added. Wilders, he’s not nearly as dangerous as the Islamic fundamentalists he seeks to portray as bigots and murderers. He’s winding them up with this latest cartoon display but in effect all he’s trying to do is illustrate their duplicity and hypocrisy.


      • Mick, might there not be other ways of producing dialogue; you don’t see ‘winding up,’ knowing of the sensitivities, as seeking to challenge and provoke?


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