Street Organs

Street music entertainers plying their dying trade. These street entertainers face huge pressure from shopkeepers who just don’t want them outside their shop entrances. Twice I saw the Dutch guy moved on in Deventer. The German guy was great, tattooed and friendly, even talked to bears in his free time on his sparce patch not a stone’s throw from the Brandenburger Tor. His competition was supposed mutes who weren’t German, said they were Chiliean or Peruvian beggars who held a card up to your face with several languages on it which said they needed money for their children.
I don’t like beggars, Roma, Chilean, Peruvian, German or English.





  1. Okay, got here. ‘Following’ doesn’t seem to connect me to anything, though, that in itself is no guarantee it has not done something, I suppose. Is it meant to?


  2. Hi, nice to have you as my first follower on my new blog. I’m going top keep it idiot free, no politics, just nice, maybe controversial, maybe a few weeks without posting due to work, websites, gardening and amnesia.


    • Hi Mick,

      ‘Idiot free and a bit controversial’…that’s the Mick I know coming through. 🙂

      It takes a while to build up a commenting following on this and one or two other sites. It’s the way of the social media world now. You’ll have gathered I have a slot on WP, therefore, catching old friends is not complicated. GillyK is here as well, doing specific things, much as you propose to do, though, not the same.


      • Ha ha. What you say is true, I tried before, loads of people clicked a tick or a follow, yet hardly anyone commented.


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