Euro Fast Food

I don’t like fast food very much.

Burgers and hotdogs are essentially American garbage, sadly embraced by people wanting easy, cheap and quickly produced food with no time to wait for the preparation, seasoning and cooking time required for such as steak or fresh vegetables. There is not much taste to it hence the apparent need for accompaniments like ketchup, various sauces, mustard, brown, pepper, chillie, seasoning or mayonaisse. Food aficionados would perhaps describe it a bad taste.

Talking of bad taste, the name of this Dutch burger bar in Rotterdam – Burgertrut isn’t such a great choice to be honest. Trut is a noun, meaning slag, tart or at worst, c**t.
Decency and courtesy not to mention unwritten protocol means I’m supposed to replace the u and the n with two stars. It’s childish really because I’m sure you can work out what it really says. People just don’t like looking at the word in it’s fullness. Wh*t*v*r!


This price board in Berlin shows willing to use English language to entice people in, chrispy makes me laugh. We were told we must have a currywurst but we didn’t. We ate Vietnamese, Japanese & Thai in the back streets and then secumbed to a cheap and nasty schnitzel, kartoffeln mit Gemüse near the touristy Alexanderplatz. The schnitzel was tough and over cooked, the kartoffeln were luke warm and the Gemüse were just peas and carrots, not fresh by any means and undoubtedly frozen at one time.


German food has as bad a reputation for food as England. Fish & chips isn’t an English invention though, they’ve had it for years in Kiel, Bremen and Hamburg. It’s just that they don’t blather the fish with thick batter and the chips are not basic square things. I’ve never had a good Wiener schnitzel yet, every time the pork has been overcooked and tough. The Turks, like the Pakistanis in the UK, own and run a lot of takeaways and have schnitzel on their menu as a matter of course and they are churned out like burgers or kebabs shaved off a huge slab of reconstituted meat of no defined origin, no finesse or care and attention.


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