Berliners & Their Verandahs

I wouldn’t live in a flat if it didn’t have a verandah, just like I wouldn’t live in a house where the door opened straight out onto the street outside. Berliners like their verandahs. Some of the more modern flats don’t have them, others have a kind of bay window, which is like an indoor verandah. But it’s not the same. Most of the older flats, those around Prenzlauer Berg, side streets off Oranienburgerstrasse and Friedrichstrasse have verandahs. People watching is dead cool. You can sit in the privacy of your own home, outdoors, spying on other people, silently criticising their dress sense, the way they walk, their shape and analysing their shopping bags before they are replaced by a more interesting specimen. Then you just wander back indoors, crack another beer or coffee and flop back down in your wicker chair on your own personal verandah.  verandah1 verandah2 verandah3



  1. Thanks Peter. I had an email saying was closing as well in December. I’l probably be visiting one last time to leave a link to this one. Pity, but things move on. I’ll find your blogs and have a butchers. Nice to hear from you.


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