In the old East Berlin there are the usual traffic lights but then there are the pedestrian crossings. They have a funny little man on them. This is a throwback to the DDR.
It’s amusing that they’ve been left on amid all the modernisation, it’s also amusing that it was the supposed dour, straight laced East German communist influenced Erich Honecker politburo that had them installed.

Well, I’ve imported all my old blog, the links to larger images don’t work but it doesn’t matter, I’m thinking forward not backwards and I have some spectacular images to post.

They will appear in good time, as will my messages of love and hate towards my fellow man.

The love is inspired by some great human beings, all who I would call friends whom I know and who know me.  The hate is towards people who don’t know me yet want to dictate how I live my life.

Everybody should hate these people, everybody should be able to live how they want to live, not how others want you to live. There are some extremely influencial and rich men who want to control your every move.  They are Tories and they crave power and control in order to extrapolate as much money from you as possible and divert it their way. Don’t let them.

It’s your life and your money, not your life and their money. stop



  1. You didn’t stick to your resolution of ‘no politics here’ for very long, did you Mick. I could have laid bets that you wouldn’t.

    Funnily enough, sprog posted some similar pix on Facebook, not long ago. You had to have something to lighten up with in those times. On the big brother front, you wonder whether there were other motives for the creation of the Ostmen.

    Nice candid pictures.

    On WP website design, where do you get the ‘my photos’ balloons and how do they work? Is this a subsidiary site page that you have? I’m still tinkering with my new web page and trying to understand stuff, mostly by trial and error.


    • The photo balloons are particular to the theme Twenty Ten, which I don’t really like. Maybe if you go to the widget panel and add Gallery, some themes offer you a choice of gallery: slider and transition plus different shapes, squares, circles and so on.
      There are hundreds of themes, not all are friendly, some are so basic you can’t change anything. I keep swapping and changing and every theme has a different header size so I have to make a new one each time I change. Twenty Ten is a good starter to get used to the controls, widgets and dashboard options.


  2. What on earth have you done with the site? This sheer black was a huge surprise, I thought I’d gone to the wrong blog.

    Thanks for the info on site design. I think I’ll stay easy ozy for the mo.


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