Like a Leaf From a Tree

I went to Ireland in the 80s to relax and charge up my batteries.
I went alone. I had friends in Roscommon and was staying there.
I drove two hours from Dublin towards Roscommon and at 7.30 in the morning I stopped at Ballymoe bridge, got out for a cigar and a luke warm coffee from a flask.

I don’t smoke now but I have to explain this because I can’t stand hearing the tut tutting of sanctimonious buggers who think it is their remit in life to tut bloody tut at smokers, past and present like they’re non fat eating, tee total, odour free specimens of human perfection themselves.

Mary Coughlan was still running on the tape and this was the song she was singing.
The river Suck was in flood. There was a mist hovering above the river, swirling with the movement of the flow.


I give you Mary Coughlan ladies and gentlemen.
The strong piano strokes kinda emphasises the harsh and cruel conditions “fallen” women had to endure in the Magdalen Laundry in Dublin.



    • Thanks. Like you, I try to describe the images in better detail. Images are just images without some sort of background info. x


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