gallery Foreign Muck Mk 2

Foreign muck is how a neighbour described anything garlic, pasta or rice related.
Yeah okay lass, you stick to your breast of mutton stews, carrot and turnip mash and other typically bland British exotic delicacies.
Here is a selection of foreign muck I’ve had forced down my neck, under duress.
And I wasn’t sick once.
The bottom one is Hema worst and mashed potato which is a Dutch farmland favourite. Hema worst are the best sausages around in my opinion. Two Hema stores have opened in London. Bloody London for chrissake!!
As they say in Holland, eet smakelijk or smakelik eeten or in Indonesian selamat makan.

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    • The brie & chicken wings were in Dordrecht. It’s a beautiful little town not far from Rotterdam by river taxi. Well worth a visit.


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