Cameron’s Swarm of Migrants

President Assad bombs his own people. IS step into the void and randomly kill anyone in their path. USA sends arms and doesn’t care who uses them against whom. Russia arm Assad. The French are not immune from complicity either. Nor Israel. Nor Iran. It’s all money to them and political kudos. Stuff dead people, money comes first. David Cameron sends British pilots on bombing missions even though parliament voted against it. On his own authority of course. Why are Britain involved? Why hasn’t David Cameron been indicted of war crimes like Tony Blair has been. We didn’t democratically endorse air strikes, as already said, our parliament voted against it. Just so you know.

Okay, that’s the story.

So a couple of million people, and that’s a conservative estimate, become refugees, or a “swarm of migrants” as the Prime Minister of Britain (a once respected political appointment) David Cameron called them. Countries from all over Europe, but not Israel or any other country from the middle east, have opened their doors and are albeit grudgingly but also through a sense of human responsibility, resettling people who have nothing but their mobile phones and the clothes they wear.

Their mobile phones have been a bone of contention amongst the UKIP & Tory bigots and English ignoramuses who have gullibly believed the gutter press of the Express, Mail, Times and Sun, not to mention the BBC, uneducated with ignorant comments like “how can they afford iphones when they are refuges?” A female Tory MP said that.  Well, before the USA, UK, Assad and IS bombed the shit out of their towns and cities, they had all the trappings of western society: mobile phones, ipods, ipads, fridges, washing machines, plasma tvs, cars and broadband connection, just like us. Contrary to western ignorance, they didn’t live in caves, mud huts and tents.

What would you do if your town or city, street or lane had been bombed into rubble like this? It’s a multiple choice question by the way.

a/ Commit suicide?
b/ Join IS?
c/ Fight IS?
d/ Run away and try to find somewhere else to live where your family would be able to live in safety?

The answer is D.

aleppo aleppo2 I met a totally ignorant uneducated English knobhead who thought all Indonesians lived in shanty towns. Likewise Koreans, Indians, Mexicans and so ad infinitum. He was quite surprised when I told him my relative lives in a whitewashed brick built semi with a manicured green lawn with a white picket fence, sprinklers, the hum of Black & Decker lawn mowers, tarmac pavements, white symetrical kerb edgings and tarmac roads with white lines on them, on an estate of several hundred similar houses, drives a Mercedes and works in an air conditioned bank office. He eats out in restaurants where they can eat traditionally with their fingers or chopsticks or with knives and forks. He cannot however get fish and chips for love nor money. The nearest chippy is in Darwin, Australia.

Brits have such a prejudiced view of any other culture. It’s all based on sheer ignorance maybe coupled with a lack of education. We are infact one of the lowest ranked countries when it comes to academic excellence. England that is! Northern Ireland, Scotland, Eire are all far better according to statistics.

England is accepting 20,000 refugees over a 4 year period. Whaaaat??? Then they intend deporting them when they reach 18. Straight into the waiting arms of IS. Great plan. Well thought out by Cameron’s propaganda ministry. It will give him a mandate to go to war. If they stayed, Iain Duncan Smith’s Ministry of Death would deal with them like he has the disabled, unemployed and poor, sanction them for being poor then blame them for the shit the country is in. Duncan Smith actually said work would make disabled people feel better and they should work for nothing to this effect. Arbeit Macht Frei, now where have I read that before? Auschwitz? Buchenwald? Bergen-Belson? Terezin? Now then, thereby hangs a tale; a Czech politician has suggested Terezin, the former Nazi concentration camp, should be reinstated as a concentration camp for the refugees. He could under Czech law go to prison for 3 years. We need a law like this but Cameron would use his power as PM to repeal it, like he changes all the laws if they don’t suit his warped ideology.

Meanwhile his Eton roasting buddy, George Osborne has doubled the national debt over the last 6 years, something for which Labour are still being blamed. I’m sure he said when he became Chancellor, he’d balance the books after one term. Maybe he lied? Maybe he didn’t know what he was talking about. Maybe he’s the worst chancellor in British history seeing as the deficit is the worst in British history. Maybe he thinks the British public are gullible. And he’d be right.

The refugee problem is a big problem but doing nothing like the Tory Govt are, is not the way the British used to do things. We used to be a compassionate if not aloof country. Now we are a bitter, racist and selfish country, a mentality cultured during Thatcher the Paedophile Protector’s reign of greed and avarice. Now her Son of Satan, Cameron is propagating the evil.

Britain is slowly and covertly being turned into a Nazi state. You won’t know it until it has engulfed you and you become part of it. I’ve never known such racism in my lifetime. If you let it happen, it will happen. It’s up to you.



  1. And fascism is creeping in here in NZ. A book has temporarily been banned because a Christian group objected to its comments – teenage problems & sexuality written for teenagers, not adult prudes. Waiting for the book burning.


  2. It’s an interesting analysis, a few embellishments here and there, but what do they matter in the overall ghastly picture. I have also written a piece on the British Government’s view of the refugee crisis.

    The Fascism from some State leaders that is evident is appalling. the saving grace is that people on the ground are taking their own spontaneous action to assist refugees, who, nevertheless have to move on where they will be treated with structural and human dignity.

    There has to less mealy mouthing.


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