It’s Not Fair

Finally Dad has gone into a home. A home full of zombies walking about aimlessly, brainlessly, harmlessly.
It’s so sad. I never thought it would come to this, but of course it was inevitable.
He had become incontinent, continuously repeating himself in the same surprising way, every time as if it was the most incredible news.
It’s a nice home, very spacious, he’s found a “special” place by a window, not far from his room where with his one eye with 20% vision he can see a road, passing cars and a car park.

I can’t write anymore…….



    • Thanks for being supportive. He found a woman in his room today, it was her room and she was moved on, she didn’t understand. Then another was taking his clothes to repair his zips!!!
      He was very tearful, my Mum visited and they had a good cry together. This has never happened before, ever.
      I’m going have a really strong word with the owners unless my sister has torn them a strip first.


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