It could be better.

In an almighty battle with Social Services. When it is resolved, either my Dad is sent home to injure himself so the social worker can tick her ****ing box or he is safe in the Care home or alternatively, I’ve beaten the crap out of the social worker and dumped her in the canal. Only time will tell.

When life takes an upturn, then I’m sure my blogging will improve.



    • It must be tough for you. I know what its like to have to care for a relative like that.

      I get the impression from people who work in the NHS that they and social workers are increasingly coming under pressure to cut costs and ultimately reduce the use of services. Routine stuff that they did a few years ago as a matter of course, instead needs approval from someone higher up….who never seem to grant that even in cases where it will actually cost them money in the long run. Well come to Osborne’s Britain.

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      • Thanks. I need replies like yours, they make sense and give me hope that we’re not alone fighting the rich kids.


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