Immortality for the rich?

No. Not at all. Immortality is impossible.
Under this Tory Govt. and probably the next one thanks Murdoch’s assassination of Jeremy Corbyn, common sense and honesty, to you will shortly find out that all your savings and a huge part of your salary will be eaten up to pay for health insurance.
You won’t get free medication when you are over 60 either, thanks to the changes in the retirement age and privatisation of the NHS. Imagine that, some old people will die because they can’t afford the medication which essentially keeps them alive.

The Tories don’t want old people alive. They want them out of the way. They are non producers but the Tories want their money first.
It won’t matter how rich you are, all of your wealth can disappear overnight. A few heart operations and boom, £100,000 + gone, or owing. Imagine having a £100,000 millstone round your neck, imagine paying that off, having to beg your family to bail you out, and skinting them into the bargain. What if they say no?

I’m going to emigrate. It won’t solve any financial or family problems but the mere fact that the Tory Govt. won’t be my masters would be a breath of fresh air.

The concept of dog eat dog, survival of the fittest , is great until something happens to you. Then what do you do, ask for help? On your bike. This type of society does not help anyone unless you can afford to buy it. Yes, under the Tories you need to buy help. If you are lying in the gutter with nothing at all to your name, you will even be robbed of your dignity. You will be spat on and kicked. This is how capitalism works. It’s how it works in America and how it works in Germany and how it will work in the UK in the future.

Lets look at the reason why we are on this planet.
Okay, why? Well, whatever reason I was put on it, it wasn’t to work for someone else. It wasn’t to be told what to do by other people and it definitely wasn’t to be told I am lower or subservient to someone else. Not the royal family, not the government, not the prime minister or the manager of the company I work for, nobody.

There are billions of people who just do what they are told, allow themselves to be manipulated, ordered around and are brainwashed into believing the life they live is the only one available. Wrong. Your one and only chance on this planet, your one lifetime here, must not be wasted by kow towing to the whim of someone who thinks their role in life is to be better than everyone around them. However, sometimes it is a huge wrench to escape from the mire you have got yourself into. All the red tape, the emotional ties, the family ties, infact the family pressure put on you to accept the norm, be a good person, look after your family to the detriment of your sanity, freedom or common sense.

I’m not immortal so I’m straining at the leash, one day I will break it. I want to wake up one day in a new bed, in a new country, look out of the window and see a different country, a different outlook and a different challenge without the constraints of the Govt. of the United Kingdom of England and whoever else it thinks it governs, holding me back.
Even if it’s my last day on earth, my last breath will be a sigh of relief.




  1. Rich living forever, scary! The UK healthcare system is in danger of going the way of the US system. As for immigration, well I always have the option of going back home….or waiting till after this EU vote and the Scot’s vote to leave the UK. It will be one way of getting rid of the Tories!


    • My own way of getting rid of the Tories is similar, leave the country taking with me as much money as possible without leaving the HMRC Gestapo any reason to even contact me in Holland. Or bugger off to Papua New Guinea and rent myself protection for as little as $100 a year.


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