Stasi Child

I have a new friend called David Young, who has written a book called Stasi Child. It’s quite well up in the best sellers. Well, to say he’s a friend is stretching the imagination a bit. I contacted him via Twitter, we have a similar interest in the Deutsches Democratic Republic. We’ve exchanged a few comments, friendly ones. He thought he might use a phrase in his next book that I found somewhere, that when the wall fell down, most of the Stasi men were discredited and the only occupation they could get were as taxi drivers. If you were an Ossie (East Berliner), the saying was that, when you got in a Berlin taxi you only had to say your name, they already knew where you lived. He then found out it wasn’t said until after 1989 and most of his research is more prevalent to the years between 1946 and 1989, before the wall came down.
I have a book underway. It’s a cross between Puckoon and some random escape story.
It’s a long time since I wrote seriously and I’m having trouble getting to grips with the page layout. I’ve written a few short stories about my times in Ireland from 1979 to 2000 and put them online on a webpage for safe keeping.

I went to Ireland exactly 25 times all in all. I have only been to Berlin twice but I’m fascinated by the place. The history of the place makes London look like a Cotswolds village in comparison. It’s also far cleaner, has a far superior transport infrastructure and apart from the new Reichstag area which is a concrete jungle, has far more green areas. On the outskirts of the city are lakes, forests and land put aside for dachas, small weekend holiday chalets.

On the outskirts of London are Watford and Croydon. Within a short 3 hour traffic jam are weekend holiday homes, second homes infact in Cotswold and Oxfordshire, priced such that they are out of the pocket of people who live there of which there is much resentment.

I mentioned Ireland, well it appears Sinn Fein have done really well in the elections. Good. The words Sinn Fein were manipulated by the British Govt, Bliar, Major, Thatcher, all those with a political interest in unionism, to link the IRA to a political party.  Hence it became know via the British propaganda press as Sinn Fein-IRA.
It has rather the same aims as the UK Labour Party, but is diametrically opposite to the Irish Labour party which has done exactly what the Lib Dems did to the Tories, that being to facilitate all their ideologies and then ratify them by voting against anything Labour proposed.

Fine Gael are the Irish Tories, up to their armpits in sleaze, greed and corruption. Their leader and Taoiseach is called Enda Kenny and like Cameron has a face you’d just love to punch. He is condescending and a liar. The resemblances are uncanny. He also favours giving bankers bonuses and neglecting the health and well being of his countrymen, basically he a is a traitor. So much so that David Cameron threw his support behind them and wished them luck in the election. He didn’t tell them how to cheat in an election though because they have lost loads of seats to Sinn Fein and Independents.

Here are some photos from Berlin, my missus Astrid being questioned by an invisible Stasi officer and looking through some poor bugger’s files in a typical Stasi listening post.

berlinwall ddrmuseum ddrmuseum2


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