Coventry World Final 2016

Frankie Wainman Jr deserves all the accolades going. What he puts into the sport is immeasurable. What he gets out of it is anyone’s guess. The fans love him, most of them anyway. As there is a narrow band of Smithy haters, Sworder haters and even Harris haters and there is a select band of Wainman haters. As usual in this country, people can’t cope with successful sportsmen. Well tough. Frankie Wainman Jr is very successful.
The Wainmans have had a stellar year, notwithstanding Danny taking Frank out at Belle Vue. I like Danny. It’s about time he won something big. He has the talent. He just needs a small break. A tiny pinch of salt.
The evening began with the consolation semi. All my horses fell at the first fence.  Chris Brocksopp, John Lund, Geoff Nickolls and Craig Finnikin. Then came three heats where it was “spot the Brit”, there were so many Dutch drivers. Then came the most spectacular sunset I’ve ever seen at Coventry. cov1 After this, came the final. We all know what happened, I’m not going to spoon feed you the events. All I know is that before the start, we (Tony, Bardo, Dale, Eddie, Garfield, Mark and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all) all mentioned who we thought would win. I said Matt Newson. And what a flyer he got. Not the total carnage expected on turn one, but enough for Matt and Frankie Wainman to get clean away. Dan Johnson was next in line half a straight back. Speaky clawed back a few places and looked a real threat. I was rooting for Matt. The next thing I knew, Frank was in front then Dan Johnson took it up and looked cottoned on. Then he made a huge error, attacking a back marker when he should have waited a lap and passed him. He blew a front tyre, Frankie zoomed past and won it.
What really pissed me off though were the thoughtless Dutch mechanics who thought it was fine to stand in front of people who had paid £34 for a ticket. They arrived with their watering cans and fire extinguishers, all 6 foot 6 of them and stood in front of the kids. Klootzakjes. Chief steward Simon Bennion eventually told them to get behind the fence so they stood in front of the kids behind the fence instead. Totaal klootzakjes. It’s a throwback to the days when the Dutch didn’t understand queueing, like at olie bollen time where the biggest gumptions ignore everyone in front of them to get their stupid olie bollen first. Thankfully most Dutch do queue now. They did during and after the occupation of their country by the Nazis, so what went wrong is anyone’s guess.


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