Thunder in them thar Hills

Where did that come from? It was 32˚c in Stocksbridge. The last time it was this hot was when there was a big blaze in the steelworks. It was just like Australia today, I went to pick up two boxes of leaflets (4000 x 300 gsm postcards are bloody heavy things by the way), I wound the window down and the heat came in! My aircon is not working properly so I sweated away for 9 miles there and back.

As we left work it was still really humid, by 6pm black clouds were gathering. By 7pm the signal had disappeared from the Dutch TV satellite. By 7.30 there was lightning all around, thunder from all directions and a wonderful “pyrotechnic” display over the hills towards Barnsley and Huddersfield. Apparently they had 1cm diameter hailstones in Barnsley.

We had our usual river down the drive. We had a jobsworth of a bloke out from the council, who was quite obviously more used to sitting on his arse in an office playing with models and computers than working out what night be physically needed to stop this happening time and time again. I can’t imagine he’d ever lifted a house brick never mind a kerbstone. Mind you, he was pretty handy with that clipboard and pen, I’ll give him that.

Consequently I asked for a higher kerbstone to divert the water further down the street because our drains always get inundated. We went to Holland for 16 days, arrived back and the thick lump of shite had organised it for a lower one to be put in. Thick git. I told him we have a shared drive, we don’t park our cars on the drive, hence a higher kerb wouldn’t inconvenience neither us nor the neighbours.

So tomorrow morning it will be clean up time again, see what flotsam and jetsam has been washed down  the drive onto our lawn. It’s mainly plastic bottle tops, bits of wood, cigarette ends and small plastic bottles. Then ring the council up to tell them what a huge pile of cak they are.

The featured image image is from the last time it happened, tonight’s photos don’t do it justice.



  1. There have been some spectacular differences in weather patterns around the UK. Our central heating was on from tea time yesterday and there was a frost warning out for certain regions, sometime very soon.


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