Spoonfed Propaganda

What you read, whether you like it or not, will influence how you think. If you read Pogba is worth the £90 million quid Man Utd paid for him,  you’ll believe it, if you only have the very slightest allegiance to Man Utd, you’ll believe it. Even if you think he is as over rated as I do, you’ll believe it.

If you read Teresa May is doing a good job, you’ll believe it if you have any allegiance to the Tory point of view, anti socialist and selfish views, notwithstanding she voted for every socially debilitating bill the Tories implemented under Cameron. Including removing the UK from the European Charter for Human Rights, workers rights, repealing the anti fox hunting bill and removing disability benefits for the likes of disabled war veterans all so George Osborne had more money to give tax breaks to people already rich enough never to have to work again. Twats.

So it only stands to reason that negative journalism and media sensationalism, the stuff that sells papers but doesn’t necessarily convey the truth, about Jeremy Corbyn, will lead to people disliking him.

Okay, what’s to dislike?

He believes in freedom of speech, peace, equality, fairness in the workplace, a national health service and like most people, probably the majority of the UK, believes we should take care of our disabled and elderly. The Tories think we should neglect our disabled medically sick and elderly, infact penalise them for being disabled, sick and elderly.

So who will you be more likely to vote for?
More to the point, who won’t you vote for and why?

English people are pretty gullible to say the least, so having “sympathised with the IRA”, “being a communist”, “protested at Greenham Common”, “marched with striking junior doctors” and “owns a cat” thrust at you on the front pages of the bullshit press will probably be enough to convince the less educated in this country that Corbyn is infact a bad guy. A commie, a terrorist supporter, animal lover, jew hater (posh title for anti semite).

He isn’t. He would support you if you were in trouble.

Teresa May wouldn’t.

No Tory would even throw a lifebelt to a drowning colleague. Why should they when they can inherit their business when they die?

It’s your choice. .

You can lose the NHS, shorten your life, empty your bank account, have a lower standard of living under the Tories or not have to worry where the next penny is coming from under Labour.

Oh, and just incase you believe the childish American propaganda, Russia is not communist anymore, hasn’t been since 1980. Thats er….36 years, two generations, nearly three given Britain’s and America’s spiralling schoolgirl pregnancies. So your kids and grandkids will think you’re a bit stupid still going on and on about the war, Germans and the dangers of Russian communists, spies and 5th columnists won’t they.

Go on, have a bet, gamble with your future. Have a life bet, either shorten your life under May and her Tories or drop your pathetic “Trotskyite”  bullshit prejudices and embrace a social state where in old age a Labour party will look after you, it’s your future

No I’m not advocating benefit Britain, infact anyone who is able to work and is currently on non medical benefits should have all their benefits removed and put to work pulling weeds up and collecting the litter at the side of our filthy roads. Nobody should be allowed to live for free off the backs of honest working people. Minimum wage applies. Even that is more than Starbucks and Sports Direct pay.

By the way, the weeds and litter are there because the private companies now franchised to the Highways Agency, don’t give a shit about the weeds. Nor the litter. They don’t give a shit about the graffiti on the road signs or the myriad traffic signs that don’t work. It costs them money. So it is better to have roads that resemble wasteland with cart tracks running through them. Cameras, now that is different. Whole avenues of trees are razed to the ground so their beloved speed cameras can have a clear view of your elderly mother doing 33 in a 30 limit in her Ford Ka. We used to live in such a nice country. Now it’s broken Britain. Or bullshit Britain. Again, your choice. Do you want to change this country or stew in the stagnant pisspool we’re in now?



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