It started as a Trump and ended up as a whole pile of shit.
He’s an idiot.
Big mouthed idiot.
Big mouthed, racist idiot.
Big mouthed, neo Nazi, racist idiot.
Big mouthed, hateful, neo Nazi, racist, big mouthed idiot.
He is divisive, deceitful and arrogant.
He’s everything we Europeans hate about American tourists.  Gormless, thick shits.

I wrote once “During my time on this planet, I have observed that those who have power, crave total power & those who have wealth want more wealth.
Always, this is at the expense of those with little money and consequently little say in the housekeeping of the earth they live on”.

He used his wealth to attain power, now he is using his power to project his bitter and twisted animosity towards anyone who doesn’t think in the same warped way as him.
Is he a rapist? He’s definitely got a low opinion of women except in his admiration of their looks and genitalia. A lot of media seem to be implying it but none are trying hard enough to make it stick, almost like the Met trying to cover up their own incompetence by brushing over Thatcher’s involvement with Savile, the BBC and the collection of paedophiles she had in her cabinet.

Racists just can’t let go can they? Just when you thought all the old WW2 brigade were dying off and taking their inbred racism with them, along comes this son of a Ku Klux Klan member and stirs up prejudicial hatred. Most of his voters are old rednecks and most of America’s youth didn’t even vote but in some of the kids there is a vicious racial hatred towards anyone who hasn’t got the treasured white skin.
What about this fact: Only 54% of all Americans actually voted.

As far as I’m concerned if there is the remotest chance of fascism or Nazism making inroads into peaceful society, WW3 won’t be between countries, it will be between people.

17% of the world population is white. If the so called “white supremacists” are going to carry on brutalising any non white race, they’d better get ready for random murders of white people around the world. Just for being white. It will happen. It’s not just non-whites, it’s Jews, Slavs (of which his wife is one) and homosexuals.
Once the rest of the world realise the hatred American whites have towards them because of their skin colour, religion and cultures, once the penny drops, get ready for some shocking news on BBC Goebelsvision. Americans will be trapped in America. It’ll save fannying about with passports and visas. It won’t be like Nazi Germany, America will suffer on their own soil.

Just leave people alone. We are all okay just as we are. We don’t need interference from bigots and racists.



  1. You’ve just spoiled a great disguise Mick. He can’t use that mugshot now. The awful thing is, it makes Trump look human and frail, much as the more WW2 defendants at the recent war trials looked. Just think how these features could be used.

    There are some truly horrible global events in the present, as we see by the political lurch to the right. More groups will attach themselves, and the powers that be, forfend, may well compete against each other. It will become a power-game scenario of who can disrupt more proficiently and excessively.

    Bushka’s words may be prophetic, sadly, in more ways than one.


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