Why bother?

You work all your life only for the Govt. to take all your money away and make you live day to day? Wills, inheritance and property transfers are a nightmare. Even when you try to sort it out, lawyers, solicitors and local council parasites will charge you for their services to secure what in my opinion is already mine.
I hate this country. I really do. Now the political climate has turned a bad course to the right it is even worse.
It’s time the working people took off their anti Labour sunglasses and looked at what is really going on. I don’t really care if someone is declared bankrupt, has their house repossessed, car taken away, forced to live on the street etc, if they voted for or endorsed this Govt.
I care about the innocents and ignorants who can’t even see what is going to happen.
One Tory even said, by the time the Tories have taken full control over everyone’s finances, it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it.



  1. It sounds like you are dealing with probate matters, never an easy thing to be doing. If this is so, I am sorry for your bereavement.

    Putting it in seafaring terms, I think there will be global stormy times ahead.


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