Dictators in Waiting

Trump – racist dictator.
May – wannabe racist dictator.
Wilders – racist, more chance of being next pope than a dictator.
Le Pen – fascist racist.
Farage – knobhead who would not be famous if it wasn’t for the BBC’s love affair with him.
And then there is the BBC, BBC Goebbelsvision, the propaganda mouthpiece for the Tory Govt and Farage and his UKIPs aided and abetted by Tory Andrew Neill, David Dimbleby and new stooge on the block, Laura Kuenssberg.
This country is rapidly reaching the abyss, depths so deep only a revolution would solve.
The current Govt is putting the safety of this country at great risk.
We have very little police, the army is depleted and the stupid Brexit gang want to go it alone, leaving the security umbrella of our European partners.
Well that’s it for so far, it’s late, it’s the busiest day of the week tomorrow.
Lets hope the House of Lords, the sensible ones, those who are still alive or awake, sort Theresa May-be out, because she needs sorting out before she leads the gullibles over the edge.


5 thoughts on “Dictators in Waiting

    1. We have loads on Yorkshire and more sheep than people in Wales. However, we have loads of sheep who read papers, believe all the Tory propaganda and wander around like headless chickens, so we have a surplus of chickens as well.


  1. You omitted a certain unempathic Mr A Banks who calls the shots with his funds; even more insidious, Rupert Murdoch who is wreaking his revenge. The back room boys in the White House Oval Office, who are ruling the roost with their manipulable inaugurated front man, whose actions, as we have already seen, impact globally.


    1. I couldn’t possibly mention all the people whose lifetime’s ambition is to get power for whatever reason and make less off people pay for it.

      None of them, for all their money and riches, will ever again be able to walk down a street like you and I without someone wanting to do them harm, possibly kill them. They are so easily recognisable. Makes you wonder why they do it.

      Their obituaries since the onset of social media will not be those they really wanted scratched on their headstones.


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