My World My Law

My law will be absolute.

MP’s and public servants
Lying whilst a serving MP = ten years imprisonment. Banned sine die from involvement in politics for life. Currently this would implicate all previous Prime Ministers, the current prime minister, all the DWP ministers that have ever lived, all ministry of defence MPs, every Chancellor that ever lived and …..well, every single MP that has ever stood. Every one without exception.
Tax evasion = Everyone with a British passport will pay tax to the British Government. Everyone, without exception. Even Richard Branson, Samantha Cameron, Phillip Green and all the other smart arses who think by investing overseas makes them exempt from paying tax like the rest of us. Being rich is not an excuse. Ever. Being rich means responsibility not privilege. Seizure of all assets until full amount owing is paid to the HMRC + 10 years imprisonment. This will include yachts, balloons or whatever other bizarre folly our rich non tax payers indulge in.
Abuse of power = 5 years community service. This will include Prime Ministers, backdated 50 years. Some, who have been involved in paedophilia, illegal wars and other nefarious activities, Posthumous convictions for Margaret Thatcher & Ted Heath. Tony Blair, David Cameron and Theresa May will not stand trial, their guilt is uncontested so they will go straight to jail. See Jail below.
Playing party politics instead of representing constituents = automatic deselection and £100,000 fine. My local MP
Election fraud = lifetime ban from office + £1 million fine.
Fraud = lifetime ban from office
War – hanging, there is no other excuse for killing other humans. Personally I think more about animals caught up in human’s arguments but that is for another day, like tomorrow!
NHS or The National Health Service – Why close a hospital? Go on, answer that!
Do we need hospitals or not? If not, why not close all the bastards if they are such a hindrance?

General Public
We need a full DNA database initiating.
Fly Tipping =
£50,000 using DNA for convictions. It’s not rocket sc ience
Child abuse –
life imprisonment. Nothing else to be said.
Animal cruelty =
banned from keeping an animal for life + 5 years imprisonment.
During that imprisonment they may be subjected to identical treatment they dished out on the animal. If this involved killing it, then they can expect no mercy and if they die from the same sort of injuries, then it would merely be retribution.
Jail – Nobody is in jail because they are good people. Everybody in jail is there because they haven’t followed the law like the rest of us have. They will have no privileges because they have forfeited them and as such should be punished. Prisoners will have no contact with the outside world, prison warders taking pity on them will be dismissed, prison warders mistreating prisoners will be put in the same cells. It’s quite simple. Family of prisoners who feel their their son, husband, daughter etc is being wrongly imprisoned, will be invited to spend a week or two with their loved ones in the same cell. They may change their minds after that.

Driving – this could take a while….!
Speeding –
Jail – also see below.
Middle Lane hogging – there is supposed to be a law against it but the Tory Govt have cut 20,000 police jobs in 5 years so how the fuck they are supposed to enforce these new laws is questionable.
Phoning and Driving – Jail – See above
Not indicating – Jail – see above
Stopping and expressing road rage – 10 years jail, there is no excuse for this at all. Ever.
Untaxed car – £1000 fine
Uninsured car –
£5000 fine
MOT fail –
£1000 fine
All the above three are things that 95% of the population do. So the 5% who don’t think it applies to them will be expected to subsidise those who abide by our laws.

Racism – no room for it in my world. Shaming and punishing is my law, so shaming can take the form of a handcuffed stocks where people can throw rotten fruit, veg, meat, eggs etc or stones if desired. There will be a monitor present if stones are used to make sure the racist doesn’t die. He/she will be needed alive for future shamings.

Theft – in all it’s forms whether embezzlement or violent assault will result in jail, for life. These people have no place in my world. If they are not to be trusted to respect other people’s property once, they are never to be trusted. It’s very simple. Almost all the population of every country, perhaps not America, are honest, hard working people who merely want to live a life and thieves in any form are a threat to them. The worst criminals will be hung on street corners as a deterrent to others who think stealing from other people will be an easier existence than working. Wrong. Very wrong. Hanging on street corners will happen until stealing stops.

There is plenty more to come. This will eventually be formulated and sent to the Prime Minister just to remind her what her real obligations are to the people of the country.
She will also be reminded that we are a democracy and not a dictatorship.  She will never forget this. Every Prime Minister will be held to account for every action.

No British Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher has ever been able to walk down the street without security, for the rest of their lives. It’s time we stopped the security.
Our lives are far more important.


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