Living the Lie

It’s an English thing. Believing the newspapers, every word without question, gullibility is our name. The English really do believe they are the best country in the world, best army, best soldiers, best athletes, even the best footballers until they get knocked out by Iceland, best economy, best everything. Hence Brexit. We’ve got the best dickheads, that’s for certain. Look at our national dress: jeans, trainers, beer belly hanging out from underneath a teeshirt with the union jack on and some bigoted message on it. The union jack is looking more and more like a swastika these days as a symbol for racism and ignorance.
The election will provide a perfect platform for the government to lie it’s bollocks off with impunity. They always do. No doubt the £1.6 trillion trade deficit, trebled since the money conscious Tories have been in power, will be swept under the carpet even though it was held up against Gordon Brown as a Labour failure.
To be fair it was the only thing they could hold up against the Labour Goverment and the gullible English fell for it hook, line and sinker. As they always do.

The NHS was in good health, no debts, no £1m a year managers sucking it dry like now and it was funded properly. Hospitals only closed because they were being replaced by newer ones, not because they were political pawns.
Education was excellent, more kids going to University than ever before.
UK credit rating in the economical world was very good, except the banks were begging for help because of American bad business practice. The same business practice that prevails, now used by the Tories to attempt to run the UK.

We are basically in the shit in so many ways it’s unbelievable.
But fear not, our wonderful Tory funded newspapers and their propaganda media, the BBC, will paint such a bad picture of Corbyn, Labour and the sensible options that Tory Britain will even look like it’s a success. It isn’t. It’s an abject failure, the working people of England are slowly but surely being reduced to working merely to keep the rich people rich. It’s happening so slowly that people don’t notice and won’t notice until they realise they are losing more and more of what they used to take for granted and can’t do anything about it. Except protest. Which they won’t do because they’ve forgotten how to do it properly.

There is more to come. That’s if Donald Trump, that TV reality star and lying racist bastard of the USA doesn’t spoil Theresa May’s lie fest and shock the world by provoking North Korea or Iran into a war that not even the dumbest of American’s or Brexiteers wants. That’s the type of idiots we are dealing with, given that May welcomes his bombing and verbal warnings however provocative. Britain is selling bombs to Saudi Arabia, facilitated by Theresa May, to be used against the Yemen, then deny all knowledge of it by lying. It’s all lying. Lying is the new truth. Because the English are such gullible bastards.

May and Trump have both condemned the gassing of kids in Syria, preferring to starve their own people to death instead using poverty by stealth. Nobody gives a shit about foreign kids anyway. Nobody gives a shit about starving English kids either because poor people don’t have a voice. The only way poor people can have a voice is if they rise up, burn a few mansions, take a few rich people hostage, kill one or two and then shock horror, we have a revolution. It might have to happen. It has to happen to stop Britain from descending into 19th century health and working conditions.


2 thoughts on “Living the Lie

    1. It’s not that in the UK, if the immigrants were forced out by the Brexit dickheads, the NHS would collapse entirely, we’d have no health service, private health insurance would soar and deaths from illness would increase. People would soon become bankrupt because wages are so pitifully low in this country. We are well on the way to becoming a third world country. Immigration is only an issue the newspapers have made, blown up out of all proportion and pounced upon by racist and so called nationalist bigots.


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