Long Time No See

Well, that took some time. I have been a bit busy with one thing or another. While I’ve been away WordPress have been messing about making loading times slower I see.

I’ve not got over the post election stress of Brexidiots or the fact that people choose to lose their NHS purely because they don’t personally like Jeremy Corbyn. It’s an indictment on the immature mentality of people in the UK. I’m still fighting it. We will win, we will get rid of this right wing threat to our civil liberties and our life savings and inheritances. This time we must take the people responsible and punish them both financially and physically. That means May, Johnson, Gove, Hammond and Hunt. For starters. Thatcher’s dead so she isn’t an issue anymore. Tony Blair, now there’s a case. He went to war because he was advised to by a foreign office duped by the American war machine and to make himself look good from what I can see. A scientist Dr David Kelly, who proved there were no weapons of mass destruction was killed, although the Blair Govt. said it was suicide. Whenever “mysterious circumstances” is quoted then becomes “inconclusive evidence” then it becomes “suspicious circumstances” which to the amateur sleuth and average Joe, means someone killed him but they aren’t admitting it. Robin Cook, one of the most vehement anti war PMs along with Tony Benn and George Galloway, all three of them voices of reason and truth, also passed away during these times.

Moving On
We went to Holland and Germany for two weeks. The plan is to go to live in Holland within a couple of years. I’m going. Brexit can get stuffed as can anyone who thinks they can stop me. We had a look at some areas, not properties, some expensive some, down market, at lower prices. Hmmm. We’d be happy to move into an apartment providing it a has a big balcony so we can have some kind of garden. The town houses are not attractive to me at all.
The primary reason to go to Holland was to get myself a BSN , a Burgerservicenummer, which entitles me to open a bank account, hire a car, buy a house and most of all, make myself subject to paying taxes to the Dutch Government if I earn money over there. I got that number from Almelo Stadhuis. It was handy because a niece lives in Almelo so we paid her a visit and her Mam and Dad came along. Benny, her step-dad thinks I can speak Dutch so we had some hilarious moments, me trying to speak Dutch, him throwing all sorts of questions at me, all in Dutch. We managed. I need more of this to advance.

Property in Germany, outside Berlin, is dirt cheap but taxation is so high. So that’s out. Belgium is still an option but we’ve worked the finances out on Holland and Belgium would be cheaper so it’s another option.

In Germany we went to Linz am Rhein. Lovely little village, we stopped just across the river a kilometer down river from Remagen so all we had to do was jump on the ferry to get there. It was 35 c that day. The ice cream shops had queues all day long. 20170705_162114

Whilst in Holland we went to Apenheul near Apeldoorn, it’s a monkey zoo. Well worth visiting if you are ever in Holland. Then we went to Orientalis, also near Apeldoorn. It’s a living museum experience, a collection of Hebrew, Arabic, Roman and Nomadic living villages. You can learn the cultures, religions and living conditions. I thought it was brilliant. It’s one of those hidden gems that occasionally you stumble across by good fortune. It’s a whole day experience, you just take your time and enjoy a lazy day interspersed with a bit of educational content about the Hebrew, Arabic, Islamic and Nomadic cultures. And you get a cup of tea in the Islamic and Arabic villages.

As we sailed out of Hoek v. Holland we looked across the strand and saw these horrible things. Double decked beach huts. They look like pigeon huts. Personally I think they are awful. There is no way we could be cooped up next to two families whom we don’t know. Even for one day by the sea whatever the weather. Whatever are they thinking?
My next post won’t be long in coming.


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