The Sea

The North Sea is one of the most fearsome in the world, it has several currents affecting it’s “mood” from the Baltic to the Atlantic and of course the channel between the British Isles and Europe. I love water, especially the sea. Ideally I’d like to live on the coast instead of inland. These images show the sea in it’s wild state. The ship out from Dover to Dunkirk is always special with the chalk cliffs blindingly white with the low winter October sun illuminating the. The wild sea, choppy mid channel, provides spectacular images. The last two, well one is the strand at Hoek van Holland in late October during the Dutch Indian summer, the second one was taken as we ventured out into a gale force 9 complete with spectators. Rough seas attract people and rightly so, it can be spectacular. The wind was even stronger inland with many trees uprooted and buildings damaged.

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