My job is to sell adverts. You won’t believe how negative business people have become since the Brexit vote. The irony or stupidity of it, depending how you look at it, is most sole traders voted Brexit because of the red tape they though were working against them.
In my three and a half years talking to local businesses, I cannot see many of them surviving if Brexit goes ahead. On their heads be it. People won’t spend money on anything unless they are certain of their jobs, increases in utility bills and basic living requirements. Hardly any tradesmen pay VAT, almost every transaction is cash. There is something deeply wrong with this country from the very top to the absolute bottom. 


  1. My favourite brexit comes to bite the brexiters was from a relative of mine. His construction firm had an emergency board meeting the morning after brexit, put a whole bunch of things on hold, tightened up their belts and essentially they put up the drawbridge. And given what happened to Carrillon, perhaps not a bad idea.

    Anyway one of the other things they decided to do was sack a few recently hired members of staff (as the work they’d been hired to do no longer existed and they could be terminated on the spot as they were still within the probationary period), including one of the senior managers. He (and his wife) were keen and outspoken brexit supporters. So he comes into the office the morning after the referendum happy out, gloating over remain voters, only to be called into bosses office and given his marching orders, told he’d been let go because of the impact of brexit on the firm (again this all happened the morning after the referendum).

    Unfortunately unlike said loudmouth, I don’t think the rest will get the message. They’ll blame the EU for punishing them. Likely the Daily Mail’s line of attack a few years from now is that the UK was forced out of Europe by the EU. And of course everything will still be the fault of foreigners. I mean the Australian equivalent of UKIP recently argued for withdrawal from the UN.

    This lot won’t give up until the UK is basically north Korean….with Mogg as its dear leader.


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