A New Beginning

BFB2C655-A720-4B93-BCCA-D6B19D72BFACAB8A9B0D-A61F-4E9D-AEDE-A8B7866DE61FAD65AFC6-0D85-4D3D-AFFB-1D7A8C372D29F85927C5-AB5A-4596-A66D-520C3DE5C6BF5D55D324-95DC-415D-9AEE-F60A07ED504EWell, I’ve finished work. It was an immense decision. Many factors had to be taken into consideration. Not least financial viability. Once that was established, the decision to spend more of my life with my wife and not with other people, was easy. The job had run it’s course. Selling advertising space for a newspaper is not easy. Nobody ever said it was easy, infact one of my clients, who used to work in the same business said if you can sell adverts, you can sell ice to an eskimo. I wouldn’t go quite that far! There was nobody new to ring, businesses are closing not opening. There were hardly any new businesses starting up and almost every client, current or prospective was telling me Facebook was the way to go. I can’t agree with that at all. It will collapse like a house of cards of Facebook start clamping down on unauthorised business adverts. I wasn’t enjoying the work anymore. I had good work colleagues. The management praised success, which made me feel enthusiastic, although the pep talks when things got tough tended to centre around a familiar mantra of “Get some more adverts”. Yeah, we knew that. We needed adverts to get our commission.
I made some good contacts, I got on with all my clients. I liked a chat and a laugh and joke with clients. One of my jobs was to deliver our paper to businesses in my allotted area during which I often met people I knew. It got me out of the office and gave me a chance to talk to people starting new businesses. As previously mentioned, with two exceptions, almost everyone was extolling the virtues of Facebook.
My stock retort was to mention that not all their potential footfall would have a Facebook account, some wouldn’t have access to it at all and the people with all the money are pensioners. How many pensioners on Facebook will have a pub, carpet or double glazing company in their friends list or ‘like” them or join groups? I’m kinda blowing the trumpet for local newspapers here, they do provide a service and will be really badly missed if they are not supported by local business. Local papers champion local business but it’s a one sided relationship.
So here I am, plenty to do, waiting for the warmer months to do the garden although I’ve just spent two days breaking my back weeding and prepping ready for planting. Budgeting for the petrol to have away days will be a challenge, I’ve been used to putting £40 in every week without thinking.



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