Renewing a passport

Rip off. To renew a Dutch passport in Holland is about €80. Because we renewed it in Britain, Scotland to be more accurate, it cost £143. At least it’s for 10 years now and not 5.

However, we booked into a flat we’d rented previously and knew our way around. A trip down to Queensferry to see the old Forth rail bridge was essential. And to see the new Forth road bridge. You really have to go into the kilt makers and souvenir shop to learn everything about the area. The guy there is a mine of information.

We did the Camera Obscura, snided with families, kids running around spoilt it a bit.  The underground walking tour never materialised so we ended up on a ghost tour. It was entertaining if nothing else.

Saturday we went to see the Kelpies at Helix Park near Falkirk. We heard Falkirk score the third goal against Brechin, the footy ground is next door. The Kelpies are 35 metre high stainless steel horses heads. Quite spectacular.

We returned to Yorkshire via the Scottish Borders. Probably the most beautiful way to get from Scotland to England. About 25 miles outside Edinburgh we encountered a winter wonderland in the Teviots just before Jedburgh.

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