Food presentation

Well, that’s another 20 day stint in the Netherlands. Actually the word “stint” in the Netherlands refers to a mode of transport that teachers use to carry children about attached to their bike. A few months ago, there was a fatal accident, a tragedy, where 4 children were killed when a stint was left marooned in front of a train when the bike’s brakes failed. On that happy note…..
We had a semi useful meeting with a bank advisor, of course as the consultation was free talk about belastingsdienst (tax and fiscal) was confined to the bank’s interests but we learnt quite a lot. We learnt that the taxes wouldn’t be as bad as first thought, that buying a house outright would be more beneficial than renting. Of course Brexit is a massive obstacle voted for by the massive bellends of the UK. We have until December 2020 to emigrate to Holland before Astrid has to register as an EU immigrant. Yes, this is what the UK has come to. 3.75 million, that’s 3,750,000 EU citizens currently living and working in the UK will have to register with immigration if they wish to stay in the UK.

Well we don’t, England is a shithouse these days. A nasty place to live in, people with nasty attitudes towards each other, especially those who don’t conform to their twisted vision of what a Brit should look like. And what is that? Tattooed, shaved head, union jack teeshirt, big boobs, hair swept back like a dead rat tied with an elastic band? That’s just the women. Unfortunately, the Dutch watch our reality TV shows: Don’t pay, take it away, benefit frauds, late night binge, UK police force etc etc. This is how they perceive us these days I’m afraid.

Food presentation is as important as the food itself in the Netherlands. In England, if you order a coffee you get a coffee, nothing else, just a coffee. In the Netherlands and Germany and France and Belgium and Denmark etc etc you get at the very least, a little biscuit and a tube of sugar. You don’t have to ask or beg, it’s just what you get, it’s normal. Cold meat preparation is at a different level to the likes of Morrisons or even Lidl in the UK. We tend to buy a big 200g lump of sliced ham or chicken, the Europeans buy smaller portions presented so you can see every slice. The cost is the same. The choice is ten times that of the UK. However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the Brits, we have ten times the amount of crisps, biscuits, chocolates and fizzy drinks that our healthier European cousins have. Poor buggers.

The currywurst

Anyway, we like eating out in Holland so here are a few photos. You can guess what they are.
Oh, above is currywurst from Gronau in Germany. I won’t be worrying the Germans for anymore. It was sliced wurst covered in curry flavoured tomato ketchup. Horrible. And french fries or chips as we like to call anything that resemble chips. 


  1. Always good to see you. Agree wholeheartedly with you ‘take’ on Brits v Europe. Off to our daughter again this week. In Austria now. Husband moved from Germany. Chief Hospital Consultant. We love Europe. Have a Super Festive Season. 🎅⛄️🥂🙏🏿


    • Hetzelfde (the same or you too) as they say in Holland. It’s a bit cold down there from what I understand so take care underfoot but it’s going to warm up a bit around Christmas day time. We get what we get though…

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