Flogging online

We’ve recently had a big sort out and found loads of old things we never use, rarely use or didn’t even know we had. We’ve given loads of stuff to charities over the years and so this time decided to sell some stuff. I’ve been using Facebook market place and it works.
We’ve sold a scanner, a camera, a coffee grinder, a bread maker and a few other things. So far we’ve made about £150, all honest and above board. It has paid for my £45 parking fine from Lidl in Harwich, we won’t be going there again. I’d love to be at the meeting when someone decides what the level of the fine should be, just so I could smash their faces in.
While I’m writing this, I’m in a bit of pain with arthritis in my wrists and mild carpal tunnel issues, which would only be aggravated should I smash a car park company managing directors face in with my fist. But it would be worth it. We also had to find an extra £47 to change our crossing time to Holland when we found out Astrid’s sister had been taken into intensive care in the hospital. We needn’t have bothered as it turned out but it would have been terrible had we not gone and Astrid wasn’t there for her last breath. Thereby lies the problem, she smoked heavy and has to have two toes off in January. Her heart is not in good condition and the angiogram failed because her arteries are so chalked up it had no effect. However, after visiting her almost every day in hospital, she’s home now and we’re home in England. If she relapses, we can’t be there every time. Luckily she has a good family who totally trashed her house, got rid of every single cigarette pouch, lighter, box of matches infact anything that stank of smoke. They bought new furniture and decorated a few areas. The house apparently smells fresh although I didn’t bother visiting it. The cats will be happy. Unfortunately they don’t know any better, they just trust the person who feeds them.
The photos I publish aren’t always relevant to the story, just everyday Dutch things in everyday Dutch life.

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