Ha! Banned from Twatter again…

Not for the first time, I’m banned from Twitter.
I said something really bad about the Daily Torygraph apparently. I didn’t think it was too bad but somebody else did obviously.
The trouble is with Social Media is, when people you know are on either Twitter or Facemuck or Instagram, you tend to go along with it to meet up or communicate. You share experiences, comments or photos.
For family or sports events with mates, there is WhatsApp.
The best thing since sliced bread was abolishing roaming charges. It was totally unfair anyway and took far too long to implement. Far too long. Now we can go to Holland or Italy or wherever and use our network plan to its fullest. We can ring friends and family because we’re not paying by the minute at differing and mysterious rates, we have a minute limit and when we find somewhere with WiFi it’s completely free! McDonalds isn’t the most secure WiFi for online searches but if you’re just ringing or texting it’s almost completely safe.
My provider ID (Carphone Warehouse) says whatever Brexit does, they will not reinstall roaming charges.
Brexit is shit. Everyone who thinks it is a good idea must be demented to think that way, to be honest I don’t think most of them even did think before they voted. They were swept along by an incredibly immature “we survived alone after the war, so we can do it again” attitude.
Why do we want to survive?
We already have it all?
Removing freedom of movement is incredibly narrow and restrictive to the futures of millions of people especially students. So on an education front it is a complete disaster.
As for the OAPs who reside in Spain and voted for Brexit, they must be the most stupid people our 1960s education system produced. I doubt most of them can read or write. Taking the tweets and Facebook comments as an example, the level of education of Brexiteers is incredibly poor.
Ex Pats or immigrants as they should be called, will immediately lose their EHIC protection and the first one to have a heart attack will automatically have another one when they receive the bill for the first one.

However, obstacles are there to be climbed over, dug under or smashed through.
I’m a smash person.


    • I don’t see how making enemies with our closest and biggest trading partner is going to help business. Those who voted Brexit were reliving their past in the 50s and 60s like it was some sort of utopia. It wasn’t.


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