Still in the hard plan

We are still looking at moving to the Netherlands. It’s not being made straight forward though. It would be so simple if we scrapped Brexit and resumed where we left off. Hardly anyone wants Brexit anymore but the Tories are ploughing ahead, regardless of public opinion. They’ll pay for it with their parliamentary standing. We’ll pay for it with our jobs, the crashing pound, higher interest rates, higher food and fuel prices and general inflation. We already have the lowest pensions in the EU and the Tories now want to dip into the state pension. Bastards. Utter bastards.
Swapping the hills of Yorkshire for the flat roads and flat everything wouldn’t even be difficult in the current economic climate. When you look around and see the prejudice and hate Brexit has caused, I see no reason to remain here.
I’ll happily change scenery for a better lifestyle.

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