7 down many to go

Covid has struck 7 of our family so far in Nederland and 4 in England. No hospitalisations yet thankfully. My wife’s sister has huge breathing issues and organ failures anyway and now she has Covid so it’s not a good place to be. It seems the whole of the world is talking about Covid, thousands are dying of it yet there are still people calling it a conspiracy. Would it be bad of me to wish Covid on anyone who refuses to wear a mask or gets vaccinated? Given it greatly increases the possibility of them getting it and their joint refusal to mask or get vaccinated increases the chance of them infecting someone else. I think not. It would be justified because you just cannot reason with ignorance.
Next up is gardening. Nothwithstanding I suffered a bit of back pain after digging a trench for the hedge, I set about digging out some grass to make way for the vegetable garden. The soil is quite soft so it wasn’t to hard. I used the grass to repair the area damaged when the shed was built. We have plans, Astrid has different plans to me but somewhere along the line, they’ll coincide. I want a clean uncluttered garden without obstacles to dodge around when I’m mowing the lawn. And that’s how it is going to be. The front of the house will be mainly pots and troughs with strawberries, potted flowering plants and ornaments, solar lamps and such. You can see the progress here.

The weather has been dismal. Not much wind, so the grey overcast weather has persisted. A couple of days of sunshine lifted our spirits, made us a little more active and given us a tiny glimpse of better days to come. I’m looking forward to firing up the lawnmower. We bought it but we haven’t used it yet so I have no idea whether it sounds like a zeppelin, a hair dryer or a banger car. As for the shed, well I gave it a good fettling but I need some long dry days and I still need guttering. It’s bloody expensive here. It’ll be over €100 for guttering and drainpipes then there’s the water butt. They’re €30 without a tap, €80 with. Then I need a stand so the tap is higher than a bucket.
Yippee, it’s raining. It’s been windy, apparently there is a storm called Dudley hitting the UK right now so we might cop for a bit but it mainly wafts over the northern coastline from Vlissingen up to north of Friesland, the big boys we get mainly come over northern France, flattening Belgium and then us.
Well, the bread has timer has dinged, so I suppose I’d better move my r’s and take it out to cool down eh?

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