Nederlands Journaal.

I’m back. Like a bad penny. I have decided to discontinue with my own domain. Too much hassle.
You’ll have to put up with the adverts I’m afraid. I have better things to spend my money on now, like gas, electric, health insurance, stuff like that.


  1. Count yourself lucky you are in a civilised country. I go to Europe now I have to buy travel insurance to cover possible healthcare costs. But given the state of the NHS I was wondering if I should be buying it again for the return flight to the UK! They literally telling everyone not to get sick or have a fall, cos no ambulance will be coming….but of course the papers are quick to point out it can’t possibly be the fault of the party that’s been in power for 12 years!


    • It’s bad, the NHS is a free service, albeit paid via everyone’s NI, if it goes, the State Pension will be next. The Tories don’t like anything where the tax is across the board, regardless of your income.


      • I think what’s interesting is that our government in Ireland was always a bit dysfunctional, same as in places like Spain or Greece (who were both under the control of military Junta’s up until the 1980’s), and also not very progressive (Ireland only legalised divorce in the 1990’s!). Now I go travelling its the other way around. Spain & Ireland are models of efficiency compared to the UK. While the UK is increasingly dysfunctional, chaotic and repressive (as in the UK is actually thinking of withdrawing from the European convention on human rights).

        I think the Tory plan for the NHS/pensions is not to get rid of them. Much like how they’ve treated other services (social housing, transport, welfare, schools, etc.), they’ll maintain some minimum service (run inefficiently by private companies owned by Tory donors), that’s so bad, those who can afford too will just go private. And then start complaining about how their taxes get spent on services they don’t use (which means more votes for the Tories).


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