At 6.40 this morning the phone went. It was the home where my father stays. He’d had a fall and was going to hospital. At 11 we went to the hospital to relieve the carer, who was very distressed bless her. We were called into a small room where a doctor told us he was very ill and didn’t expect him to return to the … Continue reading Dad


It started as a Trump and ended up as a whole pile of shit. He’s an idiot. Big mouthed idiot. Big mouthed, racist idiot. Big mouthed, neo Nazi, racist idiot. Big mouthed, hateful, neo Nazi, racist, big mouthed idiot. He is divisive, deceitful and arrogant. He’s everything we Europeans hate about American tourists.  Gormless, thick shits. I wrote once “During my time on this planet, … Continue reading Trump