Massive Fire

A chemical complex called Chemie-Pack, housing 400,000 litres of carcinogenic material has exploded and is ablaze at Moerdijk in Zuid Holland. It is so reminiscent of the Flixbrough disaster, which I remember quite well. HERE are some of the best photos but the actual TV footage is quite scary. How explicit will the company, the Dutch Govt. Health Authorities and the usual “experts” be, when they … Continue reading Massive Fire

Justin Bieber

I said I was going to cut down on my swearing, but bugger me, I’ve just seen Justin Bieber on TV. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen him, Astrid pointed him out to me. Jesus wept, he’s only a little kid! What is all the fuss about? Apparently he sings to music. From the clip I watched, I noted the music was provided by … Continue reading Justin Bieber

Where to Go?

As I cruise through Google Earth, watch Russia Today, China TV and the travel channel even though some of the presenters nauseate me, I see places that I’d like to go to but know in my mind without a massive injection of pennies, I’ve more chance of walking on the Moon. These are 5 places that capture my imagination. Aral Sea in Uzbekistan to see … Continue reading Where to Go?

Floods in Australia

I’ve just finished watching Australia. Not a bad film but to be honest nothing ever happens that quick in Australia. All our friends appear to be quite a way from the worst of the floods but we do have friends in Dayborough, Caboolture and Petrie, which are quite low lying. Petrie in particular has a dry reservoir beside it and the Frenches live right next to … Continue reading Floods in Australia

New Year New Blog

New year, new blog. No change of direction, still more left thinking than right, still care about my fellow man albeit I care about animals more than those men and women who preach hatred, endorse killing and preach religious intolerance.I’ll continue to put some nice photos up and try not to annoy as many people. I was thinking I’d buck the national trend and swear less … Continue reading New Year New Blog