My job is to sell adverts. You won’t believe how negative business people have become since the Brexit vote. The irony or stupidity of it, depending how you look at it, is most sole traders voted Brexit because of the red tape they though were working against them. In my three and a half years talking to local businesses, I cannot see many of them … Continue reading Disenchanted

The Sea

The North Sea is one of the most fearsome in the world, it has several currents affecting it’s “mood” from the Baltic to the Atlantic and of course the channel between the British Isles and Europe. I love water, especially the sea. Ideally I’d like to live on the coast instead of inland. These images show the sea in it’s wild state. The ship out … Continue reading The Sea

Living the Lie

It’s an English thing. Believing the newspapers, every word without question, gullibility is our name. The English really do believe they are the best country in the world, best army, best soldiers, best athletes, even the best footballers until they get knocked out by Iceland, best economy, best everything. Hence Brexit. We’ve got the best dickheads, that’s for certain. Look at our national dress: jeans, … Continue reading Living the Lie