Palin said what?

A mentally disturbed kid who read nazi doctrine and was easily led, walked up to one of the politicians on Sarah Palin’s “target map” of America and deliberately shot her in the head. Many of the press put the blame fairly and squarely on Sarah Palin’s head after her and her fellow nazis made a map of America with photos of Democrats with cross hairs … Continue reading Palin said what?


Yet again the Yanks have used the word subpoena. It was used when Bill Clinton lied about a big fat cigar. There is no other country in the world who use the word subpoena. Apparently you can add “ed” on the end as in “I’ve just been subpoenaed”. It means “summons” basically. This time they have used the word subpoena in yet another desperate trumped … Continue reading Subpoenaed!

A Town Like Alice

Has a film ever made you want to visit somewhere? Since the first time I saw A Town Like Alice, I always wanted to go to Alice Springs for it’s old ┬ácolonial remoteness. The town only featured in the last ten minutes of the film but made an impact. Probably because I fancied Virginia McKenna. More recently I’ve learnt about the millions of flies due … Continue reading A Town Like Alice