Nasty, Nazi and Tory

There is a nasty, vicious and racist attitude polluting Britain these days. The Brexit Party and Nigel Farage are the main perpetrators but Boris Johnson, Rees-Mogg and other toxic Etonian individuals are behaving exactly like Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler by standing back and letting the ultra right wing and their brainwashed supporters do their dirty work for them. The way to fight it is … Continue reading Nasty, Nazi and Tory

The Madness of the British

Why has a previously stable and stoic nation turned into a tribal rabble? What is is that has caused the American and British people to turn into aggressive, racist, tribal bigots over three years? Is it the mobile phone signals frying our braincells? Or maybe it’s the water, all the Domestos and nitrates entering our bodies slowly, drip by drip despite the best efforts of … Continue reading The Madness of the British

Still in the hard plan

We are still looking at moving to the Netherlands. It’s not being made straight forward though. It would be so simple if we scrapped Brexit and resumed where we left off. Hardly anyone wants Brexit anymore but the Tories are ploughing ahead, regardless of public opinion. They’ll pay for it with their parliamentary standing. We’ll pay for it with our jobs, the crashing pound, higher … Continue reading Still in the hard plan

Ha! Banned from Twatter again…

Not for the first time, I’m banned from Twitter. I said something really bad about the Daily Torygraph apparently. I didn’t think it was too bad but somebody else did obviously. The trouble is with Social Media is, when people you know are on either Twitter or Facemuck or Instagram, you tend to go along with it to meet up or communicate. You share experiences, … Continue reading Ha! Banned from Twatter again…